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Coronavirus Business Support Fund

Applications are now closed.

The Small Business Support Grant and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Support Grant closed at 5pm on Friday 10 July 2020 and submissions after this will not be considered.

  • If you made an application in the past 10 working days and have not yet heard the outcome this will be processed and we will contact you in due course. If we require further information to process your application, we will contact you and you must provide this by the date specified, otherwise we will consider you to have withdrawn your application.
  • If you previously applied for a grant but we requested further information from you in order to assess your application, you must provide this by 5pm on Friday 31 July 2020, otherwise we will consider you to have withdrawn your application. 
  • If you previously applied for a grant but were considered ineligible, you may request an appeal of your case. Requests for appeals received after 5pm on Friday 31 July 2020 will not be considered.
  • If you previously applied for a grant but your application was dependant on the views of the Assessor (for example to determine if the premises should be included in the Non-Domestic Rates Valuation Roll), this may be delayed until the Assessor is able to make a site visit. In such cases, where possible, we will process your application using other evidence.
  • If you made an application prior to the past 10 working days and have not been advised of the outcome, email [email protected].

Processing applications

Our team has worked through thousands of applications since the scheme opened at the end of March. To help us meet this high demand, we've pooled resources from across the Council to process your applications. We recognise that this is an extremely difficult time for businesses and a huge effort is underway to get applications assessed and paid.

As of 7 July 2020, over 8,700 applications have been awarded and grants totalling £109.2m have been paid to local business owners. In the majority of cases payment can be made without follow up however, in some instances, liability issues require to be resolved. Contact has been made with these businesses and work is ongoing to resolve queries and make payment.

As of 7 July 2020, applications to the updated scheme are being assessed within 10 working days and immediate payment is being made, where no further information is required. As with the original scheme the majority of cases are expected to be made without follow up however, in some instances, liability issues may require to be resolved. This may delay the assessment process and potential payment.

Where an application does not meet the Scottish Government’s qualifying criteria, they will have to rejected and this will be communicated to businesses. As of 7 July 2020, 1,070 applications have been rejected. An appeals process is also in place and following further information and clarification further awards are being made.

If you applied more than 10 working days ago and have not received a grant payment or a specific follow up regarding your application,email [email protected] providing your business name, rates account, web reference number (if applicable) and contact details. This contact will be prioritised and, where applications are approved, a same day payment will be made.

Appeals against rejection decision

All applications are assessed against the Scottish Government’s business support qualifying criteria. If your application doesn’t meet the necessary criteria, we’ll contact you by email to advise that it has been rejected. You may wish to review the Scottish Government guidelines and if you believe the application has been incorrectly assessed then please follow the instructions on your rejection email for details of how to submit an appeal. Appropriate appeals will be determined by senior Council officers to ensure that the qualifying criteria has been correctly applied.  We aim to consider appeals within 5 working days.

Privacy policy

Download the Coronavirus Business Support Fund privacy policy (PDF)