Advice for businesses opening during COVID-19

Planning permission

During the first three phases of the Scottish Government’s coronavirus route map for moving out of lockdown the planning service will not seek planning applications for works of a temporary nature.

Conditions for temporary works

These temporary structures or materials must

  • not be physically attached to a listed building

  • not affect people’s ability to enjoy their own homes

  • be taken down at the end of phase 3.

This includes the change of use of a building or other land and changes to planning conditions that control how businesses operate.

We had indicated before that if phase 3 extends beyond 30 September 2020, we may need retrospective planning applications to be submitted. We will review the need for planning applications on a case-by-case basis and will take into account the nature and location of the temporary structures.

For businesses that erect temporary buildings to allow outdoor activities, such as a beer garden, we will consider the circumstance in liaison with other parts of the Council. This is to ensure noise and disturbance do not create problems for residents.

For advice email

[email protected]