Draft 2030 Climate Strategy

Investing in change

Our strategic approach is to align public sector budgets to share risk and maximise efficiency and opportunity in net zero actions. To do this we will invest in the capacity and expertise needed to develop the city’s pipeline of projects and maximise opportunities for attractive joint projects for investment. 

We will strengthen the city's partnership approach to infrastructure projects to support net zero, to ensure Edinburgh is well placed to successfully access new national public sector funding streams focussed on supporting the transition to net zero.

We will test innovative finance models and use learning from innovations to bring forward net zero investment programmes at scale and pace.

The outcomes

  1. City partner budgets are aligned towards net zero place-based investment.
  2. Edinburgh is a centre for global capital investment, supporting the infrastructure projects needed to transition the city.
  3. Investment in Edinburgh is also delivering social and economic benefits for citizens.

Next steps

  • Increase capacity and resources to develop feasibility studies and business cases that enable the development of a pipeline of investible projects.
  • Develop Edinburgh’s Carbon Scenario Tool and wider shared data, especially around mobility and energy, to drive net zero innovation and provide an evidence base for investment.
  • Develop innovative finance models that share risk and reward and deliver economic and social benefits for Edinburgh’s citizens, beginning with Nature Climate Bonds and exploring, for example, city investment bonds.
  • Seek funding to deliver scalable tests of change which use innovative finance models to deliver place-based net zero projects and build community wealth, beginning with net zero development and community retrofit.
  • Bring forward a pipeline of capital investment opportunities at scale, to deliver major heat and energy, transport, EV, greenspace, and energy efficient housing infrastructure projects that support the city’s transition to net zero.
  • Call on the Scottish Government to work with public bodies to develop joined-up funding streams to deliver place-based investment at a scale which supports the transition to net zero.
  • Call on the Scottish Government to work with the City of Edinburgh Council and other public sector partners to invest in and share the risks associated with developing a pipeline of rapid action net zero infrastructure projects.
  • Call on the Scottish Government to use existing mechanisms, and consider the development of additional measures, to ensure economic benefits resulting from city partner action on climate change and Covid recovery are shared with the city – helping to fund future action.
  • Develop strategic approaches to mobilising place-based finance.

Download the Investing in Change chapter of the draft 2030 Climate Strategy (PDF)