Draft 2030 Climate Strategy

Business and skills in a net zero economy

Our strategic approach is to work with investors, the Scottish Government, and city partners to help key projects move at pace and provide the right regulatory framework to encourage investment and innovation.

We will work with businesses to increase the number that have made their own net zero commitments and have signed up to the Edinburgh Climate Compact. We will explore establishing a new green innovation challenge finance scheme to complement the Climate Commission’s Edinburgh Climate Compact.

Alongside funding, support will be available through business mentoring and partnerships that help businesses realign their operations to meet net zero. We will work with Universities, Colleges, Schools and employers to identify emerging skills gaps, and develop the education, training and workforce development needed to make sure people from all backgrounds can aspire to and access rewarding net zero careers.

The outcomes

  1. Edinburgh's economy recovers from recession and key sectors are sustainable and resilient to future crises, such as those related to climate change.
  2. Edinburgh has a vibrant circular economy, improving resource efficiency and enhancing citizen wellbeing.
  3. Edinburgh’s economy is built on good, green jobs which people from all backgrounds can access through education, skills and retraining.

Next steps

  1. Develop a mechanism for connecting those looking to invest in a net zero city with the businesses and organisations looking to drive change that supports speed and scale of net zero action.
  2. Ensure that all public sector procurement spend actively supports this strategy so that by 2030 all new investment and purchase decisions are net zero.
  3. Support and encourage city businesses to sign up to the Edinburgh Climate Compact and commit to reduce their emissions.
  4. Explore establishing a finance scheme to complement the Commission Climate Compact, stimulate new lead markets, and support Edinburgh businesses to play a full part in a net zero economy and a green recovery.
  5. Deliver business mentoring and business support programmes to help employers take practical steps to realign their operations towards becoming net zero.
  6. Increase participation in the Circular Edinburgh programme which supports businesses to reduce, re-use and recycle as part of embedding circular economy principles into their ways of working.
  7. Scope skill needs and align workforce development programmes to meet the needs of net zero businesses, and to promote accessibility of well paid, rewarding career opportunities.
  8. Call on the Scottish Government to build coherent and flexible legislative and regulatory frameworks that empower local government, business and city partners, so they can rapidly respond to the climate emergency in an agile and adaptive way.

Download the Business and Skills in a Net Zero Economy chapter of the draft 2030 Climate Strategy (PDF)