Draft 2030 Climate Strategy

Net Zero emissions transport

Our strategic approach will be to build on the strong programme of work set out in the Council’s City Mobility Plan.

We will focus on working with citizens and businesses to bring about behaviour change towards sustainable travel models.

We will prioritise investment solutions to support the City Mobility Plan and necessary infrastructure development.

The outcomes

  1. A city where travelling by foot, wheel, or by bike is the easiest and cheapest option.
  2. A net zero, connected, public transport system that supports people and businesses to access what they need sustainably.
  3. Investment in neighbourhoods, town and city centres improves citizen health and wellbeing.

Next steps

  1. Prioritise investment in expanding the active travel network, connecting communities to services and amenities in their neighbourhoods.
  2. Improve the integration of our public transport system, and review routes and interchanges, within a city and regional context.
  3. Work with the Bus Decarbonisation Taskforce and private sector partners to develop a plan to decarbonise the city’s bus fleet.
  4. Implement a Low Emissions Zone scheme to reduce harmful emissions from transport and improve air quality.
  5. Create a city-centre operations plan to reduce emissions by improving the way goods and service vehicles move around the city, supporting the use of innovative zero emission solutions for ‘last mile’ deliveries.
  6. Identify opportunities to align to investment in EV infrastructure for public service and blue light fleet at strategic locations across the city, which also delivers ‘down-time’ availability for citizens and businesses, where possible.
  7. Develop pilot proposals for public-use EV charging hubs in locations which align with the City Mobility Plan’s aims of increasing sustainable travel and avoid adding to city-centre congestion.
  8. Engage with citizens and businesses on the potential benefits of introducing a Workplace Parking Levy as part of a range of measures to deliver the City Mobility Plan.
  9. Encourage partner organisations to sign up to the Edinburgh Climate Compact.
  10. Work with citizens and city partners to support staff and residents to make more sustainable travel choices in their professional and personal lives.

Download the Net Zero emissions rransport chapter of the draft 2030 Climate Strategy (PDF)