Draft 2030 Climate Strategy

Net Zero development and growth

Our strategic approach is to ensure the city is able to grow sustainably, we will set high development standards and put in place new planning policies that enable net zero growth through a new local development plan – designing in climate resilience and biodiversity enhancement to deliver a ‘climate ready city’. 

We will prioritise re-using land that has already been developed to protect the city’s greenspaces; test innovative approaches to resilient net zero development; and roll out place-based approaches through 20-minute neighbourhoods which support citizen wellbeing.

The outcomes

  1. People can access the support they need in the place they live and work and local neighbourhoods are resilient to the impacts of climate change.
  2. City development and investment deliver net zero growth and economic opportunities that protect and enhance the environment. 
  3. The city's wildlife is thriving, and biodiversity is enhanced, protecting the city's ecosystem and helping absorb carbon. 

Next steps

  1. The City of Edinburgh Council will convene city and region partners to collaborate on a long-term ‘Climate Ready Edinburgh’ plan.
  2. Undertake a city-wide climate change risk assessment and cost analysis.
  3. Set new planning policy and guidance within the City Plan.
  4. Work with developers, investors and landowners to deliver net zero development of the city. 
  5. Re-design services and amenities to deliver sustainable 20-minute neighbourhoods across hub locations.
  6. All new Council-led housing developments with the 10-year sustainable housing investment plan will be net zero. 
  7. Deliver an off-site net-zero construction methodology demonstrator project.
  8. Deliver a network of green and blue spaces across the city which help protect our communities from climate change impacts, provide active travel routes, and protect and enhance the city’s natural environment and biodiversity. 
  9. Deliver nature-based solutions to the impacts of climate change, beginning with the Edinburgh Million Tree City initiative. 
  10. Develop an Ecological Coherence Plan for the city.
  11. Deliver a Water Management Vision and Strategy identifying the risks and co-ordinating actions to alleviate impacts from all sources of flooding in the city. 
  12. Integrate design for water and flooding within the urban landscape using blue-green infrastructure. 
  13. Adapt the city’s coast to be resilient to climate change, beginning with delivering around 200 hectares of new and enhanced coastal park in north west Edinburgh. 
  14. Call on the Scottish Government to use the lessons from responding to Covid to enable accelerated local action and decision making on tackling the climate emergency. 
  15. Call on the Scottish Government to collaborate with the City of Edinburgh Council on shared risk-taking to develop innovative solutions to tackling climate change - for example by exploring regulatory ‘sandboxes’ for key demonstration projects to support the testing of new approaches within more permissive and flexible frameworks. 
  16. Call on the Scottish Government to embed net zero requirements into new and existing policy, legislation, regulations and statutory guidance.

Download the Net Zero development and growth chapter of the draft 2030 Climate Strategy