Adapting to climate change

Scotland’s climate is changing and the impacts on Edinburgh are already being felt. Our average temperatures are rising and heavy downpours are becoming more frequent.

Although we have a number of initiatives in process to reduce our carbon emissions, we must also prepare for the unavoidable impacts of climate change.

Climate trends predict that Edinburgh will experience warmer and wetter winters. Summers are expected to become hotter and drier, and occurrences of extreme rainfall events are expected to increase. Sea levels around our coast are predicted to rise, with an increase in storm surges during bad weather.

Edinburgh Adapts Action Plan

Our Edinburgh adapts climate change adaptation action plan outlines ways in which we are working in partnership to take early action to prepare for the challenges we will face in the future.

It covers how the city’s natural environment and greenspaces along with use of land and infrastructure can be used to mitigate against the impacts climate change is predicted to bring. It also outlines how it will manage flooding and coastal erosion and how communities across the city can be supported to become more resilient against impacts such as damage to property and changes in temperatures.

No one organisation, community, business or person will be able to adapt to climate change on their own. Adaptation gives us a chance for our city, and all those who call it home, to work together on the common goals of securing safety and prosperity for all.

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