New Canaan Lane Primary School

The new Canaan Lane Primary School opened in April 2022. The school has a capacity for 420 pupils, with an early learning and childcare facility and inspiring outdoor spaces.

Visual of the new school

An angular copper-coloured building set in a paved playground located on a single-lane road with a cycle path


9 June 2021 - opening arrangements

Download the letter to parents and carers about Canaan Lane Primary School opening arrangements (PDF)

14 November 2019 update

Download the 14 November 2019 update - PDF

Planning permission for the new primary school was granted in November 2019.

View the planning application for the new school

Download the building and transition timeline - PDF

13 November 2018 update

Download the 13 November 2018 update - PDF

We held an information event on 13 June 2018 and showed proposed designs of the new school.

Download the new South Edinburgh primary images from the information event - PDF

Download the catchment area map for the new school - PDF

Project background

The number of children in south Edinburgh's primary schools is higher than it has been for 30 years. Schools are under pressure to find space for all of their pupils. The problem is biggest at South Morningside Primary, where pupils are split across three sites. 

We consulted on possible changes for primary schools and catchments in this area from 24 August to 6 October 2015.

Affected primary schools

  • Bruntsfield
  • James Gillespie's
  • St Peter's RC
  • South Morningside
  • Tollcross


Download the statutory consultation paper - PDF
Download the outcome of the statutory consultation process report - PDF
Download the Council decision of the outcome of the statutory consultation process report - PDF