Pre-warrant customer agreements

If the value of your construction work is greater than £1m we will enter into a pre-warrant customer agreement with you. This will involve a meeting with you to discuss the scope and form of your building warrant where agreement will be reached on timescales for processing your warrant. The meeting will also agree the

  • level of information required
  • stages of warrant
  • information required at each stage.

If there is an issue of interpretation with the Building regulations that you need advice on, this can be discussed at this meeting.

Following the meeting, a pre-warrant customer agreement will be issued for the Council and the applicant or agent to sign.

Please insert pre-warrant customer agreement and the address of your application into the subject line of the email.  Please also provide

  • the description of works
  • the value of works
  • whether you intend to stage it, and if so what would be in each of the stages
  • your contact details
  • any other relevant information.

Once we receive your email we will be in contact to set up the meeting.

Customer agreements

We also provide customer agreements for all applications with a construction value of over £250,000. These are arranged once your application has been submitted when our surveyors will contact you.

If you would like to enter into an agreement, please email the area team using the map below to confirm the correct email address.