Births, marriages and deaths - Coronavirus update

31 March 2020 update

We have been advised by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) office that couples who were due to get married over the coming weeks that NRS will take advice about when it is safe to lift the restriction on the issue of schedules. Until then, ceremonies will not go ahead until the restriction on producing schedules has been lifted. 

At present we are unable to accept any marriage or civil partnership notice forms.

If your ceremony was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, NRS will give authority for the notice period to be extended without new notices being lodged, if you plan for your ceremony to take place before 31 December 2020. If this is what you would prefer to do we will give you advice on when bookings can be changed as soon as we can.

If it's not possible to re-arrange your ceremony before 31 December 2020 and you have papers lodged with us, you will not be charged for re-submitting notice.

We will give you advice on what to do if you want to postpone or cancel your ceremony as soon as we can.

Staff are dealing with death registrations as a priority just now so please don't contact the office. 


Birth registrations have been postponed until further notice. Births will be notified to DWP without being registered just now. Registrars are notified when a birth takes place prior to registration. As soon as the legislation is changed to allow registrations we will forward the notification. We will give you advice on what to do as soon as we can.

Please don't post or email the card issued from the hospital to the registrar. It is extremely important that you keep these in your possession. These will be required when the baby’s birth is finally registered.

The registration of deaths is the priority of the registration service at this time


If you have had a bereavement or still birth and have received a medical cause of death or still birth please take a clear and legible digital image and email it to registrars city and give us a phone number that we can contact you on. If you have difficulty getting a digital image the funeral director you have chosen may be able to help.

This system will be updating in the next few days – the medical cause of death will be sent directly to the registration district by medical staff.

Citizenship ceremonies

The statement below was published by the Home Office on 31 March 2020

Advice to those who are ready to book a citizenship ceremony

You must normally book the ceremony within three months of being sent an invitation from the Home Office, however, due to the current circumstances we have extended this period to six months. We will keep this under constant review. No adverse decisions will be made on applications because of delays caused by Coronavirus. 

The Councils registration service is aware of all ceremony by dates. As soon as we are given permission by the Government to hold these ceremonies we will ensure that potential citizens will be contacted in order of 'ceremony by’ date. 

The Home Office has notified us that they are suspending sending out further certificates.