Garden waste

Registration for garden waste is closed. If you signed up for the service during January, you’ll receive your permit in March.

Garden waste is a £25 fee bin collection service that runs from October to October. We’ll empty brown bins once every two weeks except over the Christmas and New Year period. Current garden waste permits expire on 4 October 2020.

There are no further opportunities to sign up to this current year. The registration window will open in the summer to sign up for the next year starting in October 2020.

Read the garden waste terms and conditions

Return your unwanted bin

If you no longer want your brown bin, then we can arrange an uplift for you.

Return your unwanted brown bin

Damaged or missing bins

If your garden waste bin is damaged or missing, you will need to order a new bin.

Order a new bin

If you don't have a current subscription, you will need to phone us to order a new bin

0131 608 1100.

Moving house

If you move to a new house, you can transfer your permit to your new address. Please give us up to 6 weeks' notice and take your brown bin and permit sticker with you.

Other ways to recycle

You can still recycle your garden waste by using a compost bin and our recycling centres .

You can also book a special uplift for your garden waste for £35 for up to 28 bags of waste.

Find out what happens to all the recycling and waste collected in Edinburgh.