Garden waste service

Garden waste registration is open

Registration to join the next service year for the Garden Waste service is open until 2pm on 1 September.

The next service year will run from 8 November 2021 to 6 November 2022.

If you currently use our Garden Waste service you need to renew your permit by 2pm on 1 September to continue receiving collections after 7 November 2021. If you don’t use the service but would like to, you can sign up now.

Last year garden waste customers helped us turn over 20,000 tonnes of garden waste into compost, which is used on farms, gardens and greenspaces.

Sign up or renew and pay

The cost of a permit is increasing from £25 to £35 a year. The cost of running the service has increased since we introduced a paid collection service three years ago. To ensure we can continue to run the service we’ve had to increase the price for the first time since 2018. You can find out more about the pricing below.

The cost of the service is £35 per bin for fortnightly collections from 8 November 2021 until 6 November 2022 with no collections between 20 December and 16 January.

If you stay in a traditional tenement, with the numbering system 1F1, 1F2, etc. this format is used when registering. The flat numbers follow the flow of the staircase, for each floor.  For example, 3F2 should be interpreted as 3rd floor, flat 2, which is the second flat from the stair.

If you want to share a bin with your neighbours, you will need to agree on one resident acting as the lead in paying for the service against their address and reporting any issues.

You can register on behalf of someone else, if they are unable to.

If you are a commercial site, please see details below.

You will need to renew your permit every year before it expires to continue receiving the service.

You can sign up during the mid-year registration window which opens in December, however the cost will remain at £35 and the permit will run until the end of the service year, which is 6 November 2022.

You no longer have to use your mygovscot myaccount. However, if you choose not to log in, you won't see the history of your garden waste permits on your mygovscot myaccount.

Read the garden waste terms and conditions.

Pay your garden waste subscription

Do you need to pay?

Signing up for the service is optional and if you choose not to, you will not receive garden waste collections.

If you receive Council Tax Reduction formerly called Council Tax Benefit or because someone in your household is severely mentally impaired, the service will continue to be free, however you will still need to register to receive the service.

Other reductions like single occupancy discount and disabled person discount don’t qualify for free garden waste collections.

Garden Aid customers who are exempt from paying for that service do not need to pay for garden waste collections but do need to register to receive them. Garden Aid customers who are not exempt for paying for the service still need to pay and register for garden waste collections.

If you have your garden waste collected by Tiphereth you will also need to register and pay to continue receiving the service.

Commercial sites

We don’t offer a Commercial Garden Waste service however a limited number of other organisations namely bowling clubs, lawn tennis courts, and croquet clubs can register for the Garden Waste service. 

If you are registering on behalf of one of these sites you can do this using the registration form or by phoning

0131 357 2800.

The charge remains the same as residential customers - £35 per permit.

To ensure the collections operate legally both for your organisation and the Council, a Waste Transfer Note will need to be signed before your subscription can be completed and the permit sent out. Upon receiving your registration, we will carry out checks to ensure your organisation is eligible to access the service. 

Once this is confirmed we will email you a completed Waste Transfer Note within 2 weeks of your registration for you to sign and return by email no later than 30 September.

For registrations that aren’t eligible to access the service, or where a Waste Transfer Note is not returned by the deadline, a refund will be provided and the registration cancelled.

Displaying your permit sticker

Once you’ve paid for the service, you will be sent a permit sticker(s) between 25 October and 3 November to put on your brown bin, along with a collection calendar.  Please make sure you display your permit sticker before you put your bin out for collection, as we will only empty bins with valid permit stickers.

Other ways to register

If you are having difficulties registering online you can phone us on

0131 357 2800.

Phone lines are open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 3pm on Fridays. Phone lines may be busy so please register online if you can. You can ask a family member, friend or neighbour to register and pay on your behalf online if you’re unable to do it yourself. This will help you avoid long wait times on the phone.

It is not possible to register and pay at our locality offices, you must register and pay online or over the phone.

We don’t accept cheques or cash.

Damaged or missing bins

If you do not have a garden waste bin, or it is damaged, to order a new bin you can email

[email protected].

You must give your full name and Garden Waste service address with the reason for your request.

Moving house

You can transfer your permit to your new address if you move house. You must give us at least six weeks’ notice and take your brown bin and permit sticker with you when you move. To let us know please email

[email protected].


Permits cost £35 for each brown bin, for fortnightly collections. 

The cost of a permit has increased from £25 to £35.The decision to increase the price was agreed at Council in February.

This is the first price increase since we introduced a paid collection service three years ago. The cost of running the service has increased since then and to ensure we can continue to run the service we've had to review the pricing.

The price increase ensures that we’re able to continue to cover the costs of collecting garden waste from your home and the costs associated with that. There is no charge for disposing of the collected materials. Garden waste collections are a non-statutory service and some Councils don’t provide this service, while across the UK most charge for it.

Our new rate is less than most council areas and works out at less than 73p per collection.

Other ways to recycle

You can still recycle your garden waste by using a compost bin or by booking an appointment at one of our recycling centres.

Find out what happens to all the recycling and waste collected in Edinburgh.