Communal bin review


Where there are currently parking restrictions, we need to secure Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). These are a legal process we use to make changes to parking and road layouts ensuring stakeholders can become actively engaged in the process. 

Bin hubs will be introduced when possible while other road works are carried out. This means the timing depends on other projects.

We’re working in partnership with a range of other teams to make sure we can deliver all our different work programmes in the most efficient way possible and keep disruption to a minimum. These include:

The updated timescale has been proposed in the committee report to Transport and Environment Committee in April 2021. We plan to start in Leith and Leith Walk wards soon after this. Craigentinny and Gorgie will follow later in the year.

When works are about to start on your street, we will send a postcard to let you know. We will also keep your community councils and councillors up to date. Once works are underway, we will send you information about the changes and how to best use the recycling service.

Initially, we are starting work on some developments that have their bins off the street.  From May, we will begin with off street developments in Leith, Leith Walk and Craigentinny.  Not all the off-street developments in these areas will be included in the first phase, but the others will be included in a later phase.

Once this first phase is complete we will begin to roll out the project to other off-street developments and start to install bin hubs in streets where people use on-street communal bins. A lot of work has already been carried out to assess the on-street bins and plan where they should be positioned.  A bin supplier has been appointed and we are working on procuring the other materials we need for the project so that everything is ready to start installing bin hubs this summer.