Renting an allotment

Renting an allotment gives you the chance to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. We manage 1,568 plots spread over 30 sites across the city. 

All sites currently have a waiting list.

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  • Full plots approximately 10m x 20m
  • Half plots approximately 10m x 10m

Annual fee

Allotments can be hired by individuals or groups. A 50% concession is available to people who are of state pensionable age, unemployed or full time student.

  • Full plot £132 or £66 with concession
  • Half plot £66 or £33 with concession
  • Quarter plot £33 (no concession available)

In addition to the rental fee allotment tenants are encouraged to pay an optional £2.50 FEDAGA Association Fee. FEDAGA is an organisation that actively supports allotment users throughout the Edinburgh area.

Each year allotment tenants are invoiced directly for the rental of their allotment plot and the association fee.

Pay your allotment fee online 

Check the instructions on other payment options on the reverse of the invoice.

Payment enquiries


0131 469 5011


[email protected]

New allotments

We are keen to add to the number of allotment sites in Edinburgh. If you are a private landowner and would like to create allotments on your land we are happy to work with you.