Reasons to go 20

By reducing speed on our roads, we can create streets which are shared more equally between different road users. We’ll create a safer environment, encouraging people to walk and cycle and enjoy spending time in their neighbourhoods.

Slower streets bring health benefits

20mph also encourages more walking and cycling which, in turn leads to healthier lifestyles.

Lady riding bike in segregated bike lane

Edinburgh is very well suited to active travel. It is compact and for many residents

  • work
  • shop
  • play

are all within easy walking or cycling distance.

Over 70,000 people live within a 20 minute walk of Princes Street. In most of suburban Edinburgh, between a third and a half of all journeys to work are 1 to 3 miles long; that’s a 5 to 20 minute bike ride!

Environmental benefits

Air quality is a big problem for every UK city. Cars, especially diesel cars, are one of the largest sources of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Adopting a smoother driving style, and making local trips on foot or by bicycle are great ways to reduce emissions and make our air better to breathe.

Stronger neighbourhoods

Edinburgh's 20mph scheme aims to make streets calmer, quieter and more pleasant places to spend time in.

When traffic is slowed to 20mph, research shows that people are friendlier with their neighbours, feel safer in their area, and take part in more community activities.