ReDrawing Edinburgh: The Edinburgh Boundary Extension Centennial 1920 Project

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ReDrawing Edinburgh is a community-led outreach project designed to mark the centennial commemoration of the 1920 Edinburgh Boundaries Extension and Tramways Act. It is coordinated by a community steering group comprising representatives from each of the boundary extension areas, with support from Council Archive, Library, and Museum services.

The city boundaries were extended in November 1920 to incorporate the Burgh of Leith in the north and the Midlothian parishes of Cramond, Corstorphine, Colinton, and Liberton to the west and south of the city. The expansion meant the city grew from 17 square miles to 53 square miles and increased its population from 320,000 to 425,000.

The ‘amalgamation’, as it was referred to at the time, was welcomed by some but opposed by others - in particular Leith Town Council who fought to retain its independence. The centenary commemoration provides an opportunity for everyone to understand how the city has grown and for the communities to reaffirm their own identities and heritage.

A series of free online activities, created as part of Redrawing Edinburgh, have been produced in a partnership between local heritage and community groups and Council Archive, Library, and Museums services. These activities explore what happened in 1920 and celebrate the identities and histories of these individual communities.

It is the city centre of Edinburgh that often receives the most attention, however this project focuses on the communities that joined in 1920. If you live in, or you are from, one of the communities that came into the city in 1920 and are interested in finding out more about what is being organised, please find the contact details of your local project representatives below:

Bridgend: [email protected]

Colinton: [email protected]

Corstorphine: [email protected]

Craigmillar: [email protected]

Cramond: [email protected]

Gilmerton and Inch: [email protected]

Leith: [email protected]

Liberton: [email protected]

Longstone: [email protected] 

For more general information about the project please contact [email protected].

Short films available to watch

You can learn more about the history of the 1920 Edinburgh Boundaries Extension and Tramways Act and its impacts on the city by watching a series of short films produced by the project group.

Listen to a message from Lord Provost Frank Ross as he marked the 100 year anniversary of the city expansion.

Get involved

Do you live in Cramond, Corstorphine, Colinton, Liberton or Leith? Or, have you lived there in the past?

We’d love to hear from you! 

We are looking for pieces about what this area means to you. Is there a word that captures this place to you? Do you have any particular fond memories from growing up or living there? Your piece can be a poem, a short essay, spoken word, or a song.

The ReDrawing Edinburgh project, in collaboration with Cinescapes, are working on a multimedia installation to mark the centennial commemoration of the 1920 Edinburgh Boundaries Extension and Tramways Act. This multimedia installation will showcase an anthology of images, words and music that celebrate the identities of these areas over the past 100 years since their amalgamation into Edinburgh.

If you’d like to be part of the soundscape for this exhibition, send us your piece

  • a written text, an audio recording or a video of your BSL-signed piece
  • for written pieces we’re looking for 50-100 words
  • for recordings or videos, the limit is 2 minutes.

Please send in your submission to [email protected] by 23 April 2021.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]