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Stakeholder news

Stakeholder enewsletter 2 - December 2016

I’m delighted to be able to give you an update on progress of the Edinburgh Health and Social Partnership.

Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (IJB) update

As you know, the IJB assumed responsibility for the strategic planning and resources of health and social care services for Edinburgh’s citizens on 1 April 2016. Since that time, it has been responsible for the delivery of delegated health and social care services for Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership delivers services on behalf of the IJB. The funding for these services comes from the Council and NHS Lothian and the workforce is made up of both Council and NHS Lothian employees.

The Edinburgh Integration Joint Board has both voting and non-voting members. The voting members are councillors and non-executive directors of NHS Lothian. The remainder of the board is made up of the Chief Officer and a wide variety of stakeholders including representatives of carers, patients and service users, the voluntary sector etc.

You can find out more about the board and its members on the Transform Edinburgh website. If you’d like more detailed information, you can view the meeting papers on the Council’s website.

Strategic plan

The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership’s strategic plan with appendices was agreed at the March 2016 IJB meeting.
The plan outlines the vision, priorities and actions for the Partnership and details how services will be delivered over the coming years.
For good reason, the strategic plan is a very comprehensive report. With that in mind, we have produced a more accessible summary version of the plan for you to download.

Management structure

One of the main priorities within the strategic plan is creating a locality structure to deliver Edinburgh’s health and social care services. I’m delighted to say we have in place the management structure for both the strategic and locality teams.

Locality teams

 The locality team structure is:

 North West locality North East locality  South West locality  South East locality 

 Marna Green
 Locality Manager

 Angela Lindsay
 Locality Manager
 Andy Shanks
 Interim Locality  Manager
 Nikki Conway
 Locality Manager
 Hub Manager
 Fiona Stratton
 Hub Manager
 Sylvia Latona
 Hub Manager
 Dawn Arundel
 Hub Manager
 Aileen Kenny
 Cluster Manager
 Eddie Balfour
 Cluster Manager
 Patrick  Jackson
 Cluster Manager
 Catherine  Mathieson
 Cluster Manager
 Alison  Meiklejohn
 Cluster Manage
 Marian Gray
 Cluster Manager
 Cluster Manager
 Elaine Hamilton
 Cluster Manager
 Mental Health and Substance  Misuse Manager
 Graeme Mollon
 Mental Health and Substance  Misuse Manager
 Mike Reid
 Mental Health and Substance  Misuse Manager
 Mental Health and Substance  Misuse Manager

With these appointments, we can build strong relationships and a steady locality platform on which to develop future services.

This new structure will help us fundamentally change the way we work with our partners - the council, NHS Lothian, police, fire and rescue service, service providers, voluntary and local organisations - to deliver services differently. We have made good progress in building relationships with local stakeholders, but this can gather pace now that the structure is in place. We plan to hold a series of locality meetings to introduce the management team and make those all important connections. The first of these meetings took place in the North West of the city on 8 December.

Strategic teams

We have a vacancy for the role of chief strategy & performance officer.

The successful strategy, planning and quality managers are:

Colin Beck - Strategy, Planning and Quality Manager – Mental Health and Substance Misuse

Katie McWilliam - Strategy, Planning and Quality Manager – Older People Services

David White - Strategy, Planning and Quality Manager – Primary Care and Public Health

Vacancy - Strategy, Planning and Quality Manager – Disabilities

As you can see, we still have a small number of vacancies in both locality and strategic roles and we have plans in place to fill these as soon as possible.

Care at home contract

We recently tendered for care at home services across the city. The service allows citizens who need help to remain at home and live as independently as possible. We currently have around 2,000 citizens using the service.

As well as our internal service, the new arrangements mean we are working with 8 partner organisations based in 11 community areas across the city. These areas follow the Council’s community council boundary areas and give a more localised service with reduced travel times for care workers.

Winter plan

The Partnership’s winter plan was agreed at the November meeting of the IJB.

This is a joint plan between the Partnership and NHS Lothian to ensure sufficient capacity over winter 2016-17 and contingency plans in the event of severe weather.

Prevention and awareness raising

Although the headline news and our main focus has been on setting up the locality structure, excellent work continues on the frontline to care for our citizens and encourage healthy lifestyles to alleviate preventable conditions. I’ll provide an update of that work in future newsletters.

Get in touch

I’m always delighted to meet and hear from our key partners across the city. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or feedback you might have.

On behalf of all my Partnership colleagues, please accept our best wishes for the festive season.

Rob McCulloch-Graham
Chief Officer