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What has the change fund achieved?

The Change Fund has:

  • enabled more people to live well in their own home by enhancing mainstream community services 
  • funded new, innovative ways of working 
  • increased partnership working between health, social care, voluntary and independent sector organisations 
  • renewed the focus on preventative approaches and supporting older people with lower levels of need

What difference has it made to older people?

Here are a few quotes from people who have benefitted from Change Fund investments:

"I can put drops in my eyes without leaning against something" - Steady Steps

"I go to the hairdressers every week by myself now. The doctor is taking me off anti-depressants as they weren't helping me" - Community Connecting

"I had a triple bypass in February so I feel the cold a lot more and depend on the heat. I need heating in the winter and now have a better understanding of how to use it" - Changeworks Heat Heroes

"Since day one the service I have received has been secod to none, staff have been fantastic and have helped me to develop my confidence" - Edinburgh Community Stroke Service

"As time has passed I have become stronger [am] now able to do things for myself, but all the time they were here, my carers were most thoughtful and helpful, and encouraged me to make steady progress. Home Care Reablement is a splendid help, especially to someone on their own. Thank you" - Home Care Reablement Service

"I have very much seen a difference in my mum since the group started, she is mentally brighter and her mood is brighter as well" - Day Services, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Group

"Ellen did not move out of her home due to having behavioural issues which were initially reported as extremely disruptive to care staff. She was no longer clinically depressed and her quality of life was richer" - Edinburgh Behaviour Support Service.

How is the work being evaluated?

An evaluation framework is in place to monitor and evaluate all work streams that have received Change Fund allocations. This involves a range of activity at local, regional and national level. Futher information is available in the following committee report:

Change Fund Evaluation - Health, Wellbeing and Housing Committee 12 November 2013