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Leaflets and Factsheets

Copies of information leaflets and factsheets available to download


copies of EHSCP newsletters issued to colleagues in NHS and the Council

24 June 2016 Organisational Review Update 2 (PDF)

Size: 201.71 KB

08 June 2016 Organisational Review Update 1 (PDF)

Size: 407.83 KB

01 June 2016 Start of organisational review (PDF)

Size: 53.54 KB

May 2016 EHSCP news (PDF)

Size: 170.93 KB

March 2016 EHSCP news (PDF)

Size: 185.06 KB

Consultation mid-point briefing June 2016

presentation slides from staff briefing session June 2016

Stakeholder news

Updates on progress of the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

Enewsletter 1 - April 2016 (PDF)

Size: 160.25 KB

Enewsletter 2 - December 2016 (PDF)

Size: 172.14 KB

Presentation - March 2017 (PPTX)

Size: 711.01 KB

Annual Performance Report 2016_17

This is the first Annual Performance Report of the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (EIJB) which provides a review of the progress made during 2016/17, the first year of operation of the EIJB.