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Early Contractor Involvement

Our plans for building the line have now entered the detailed design stage and will continue throughout the current Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) period. ECI has seen the coming together of the Council, project team and contractors (Sacyr Farrans Neopul and Morrison Utility Services) to plan the delivery methodology and phasing in finer detail. This is considered best practice in the industry and is consistent with all other major projects in the UK. 

Once all designs have been finalised, both in terms of the permanent design and traffic management, we will publish these on the website. If you sign up to our mailing list, we'll also let you know by email. 

Enabling Works

Before the main works begin we also need to carry out enabling works along the route, leading to changes in how some streets operate. This will include the short-term introduction of parking and lane restriction to allow us to ready the route for construction. A timetable detailing the extent of these works will published in October 2019.

Building the line

Construction work on the project is due to commence in late 2019 and continue through to late Summer 2022. This will require the closure for some streets and reduced traffic flows on others.

We will construct the line using a phased 'one-dig' approach. This means we will not reopen a worksite until all utility and infrastructure works have been completed. By following this approach, the level of disruption to you will be reduced. For example, if your bus stop is displaced, the location of your new bus stop will remain in the same place for the duration of the works.

Additionally, large worksites will allow us to be efficient with our teams on the ground. Should an issue arise where work cannot take place in a specific area, we will have the flexibility to deploy them elsewhere in the worksite. This will allow us to avoid unecessary delays and successfully deliver the project on time.

We will always ensure that you are kept aware of any planned works, well in advance of commencement, to give you time to modify your normal journey and allow you to get to work, school or elsewhere on time.

You can view each phase and expected length of time, overlaid on a map of the route, by downloading the Phasing Plan (PDF - 6.83MB).

Coordinated Capital Roads Works

The capital roads scheme works began on Abercromby Place on 27 May and were brought forward from 2020 to make sure the road network surrounding the tram construction area is in the best possible condition for when traffic diversions are put in place.

The work, part of the Council's investment in roads and footways across the city (£125m over four years), will include resurfacing the carriageway, pedestrian access and public realm improvements and traffic signal upgrades. The roundabout at Easter Road/Lochend Road and Duke Street will also be replaced with a signalised junction

Information about the ground/site investigation and road resurfacing projects will be communicated to directly-affected residents and businesses in advance of work starting. 

Map showing streets to benefit from coordinated capital roads works scheme

Completed works Current/upcoming works

Abercromby Place resurfacing

Albany Street resurfacing

Annandale Street

Bellevue Road improved public realm

Bonnington Toll traffic signal updates

Broughton Street pedestrian crossing upgrade

Dalmeny Street resurfacing

Duncan Place

East London Street pedestrian crossing upgrade, traffic island removal and minor improvments to cobble sets

Gordon Street

Great Junction Street

Hopetoun Street resurfacing

Links Place traffic islandMcDonald Road pot hole infill

North Leith Sands

Ocean Drive

Pilrig Street


Bonnington Road

Broughton Road

Broughton Street

Easter Road

Newhaven Road


Broughton Road

East Hermitage Place

Links Place

Portland Place


Academy Street























Pre-enabling works completed

Vibration testing

SFN have now completed a series of non-disruptive vibration tests along the Trams to Newhaven route.

Why did we do this?
In carrying out these works we have gathered information related to how vibrations from the tram could travel through the ground. This will allow us to identify any areas of concern and, from this, design the track infrastructure with measures that mitigates any potentially harmful vibrations.

Testing took place at seven locations:

Ground and site investigation

Ground and site investigation works along the route are now complete, with the last of the scheduled boreholes completed in mid-August 2019.

These essential pre-enabling works, carried out by the tram project's Systems and Infrastructure contractor Sacyr, Farrans, Neopul (SFN), involved SFN carrying out detailed ground investigation surveys at 25 locations. The work was carried out in sections of approximately 100 metres at a time and under localised lane closures.

The purpose of ground investigation works is to determine the ground conditions along the route so that the project's final design can be confirmed. SFN have been checking, among other things, the depth of the bedrock. This will allow us to better understand how deep tram infrastructure foundations need to be, as well as the dimensions of the 'track slab', which will be laid beneath the tram tracks.

Work is now complete at the following sites:

Leith Walk Area Constitution Street Area Newhaven and Waterfront

Leith Walk at Montgomery Street

Leith Walk at Brunswick Road

Leith Walk at Crighton Place

Leith Walk at Haddington Place

Leith Walk at Iona Street

Leith Walk at Jameson Place

Leith Walk at Lorne Street

Leith Walk at Steads Place

Leith Walk at Manderston Street

London Road Roundabout

Elm Row at Montgomery Street

Great Junction Street

North Junction Street

Constitution Street at Tower Street

Constitution Street at Baltic Street

Constitution Street at Maritime Lane

Constitution Street at Coatfield Lane

Constitution Street at Foot of the Walk

Leith Links

Lindsay Road at Annfield

Ocean Terminal

Ocean Drive at Rennies Isle

Ocean Drive at Tower Place

Ocean Drive at Victoria Dock

Artisits Impressions 

1. Elm Row

2. Leith Walk

3. Constitution Street

4. Ocean Drive

5. Ocean Terminal

6. Newhaven