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Residents - apply for your School Streets Permit

Published: Friday, 07 August 2015

School Streets begins at a further three schools in March 2016. This is a pilot scheme to limit traffic around the gates of primary schools to increase road safety and walking to school.

From late September last year parents were no longer able to drive to the school gates to drop their children off.  Instead they were encouraged to leave the car at home and walk, cycle or scoot to school.  Those who really have to drive to school will have to park a few streets away and walk the remainder of the journey.

Vehicles will be restricted at the beginning and end of the school day and Police Scotland will carry out the enforcement.  

Residents will still be able to use their cars when the closure is live and will have to apply for a free permit.  

The benefits of introducing school streets are that:

  • walking, cycling and active lifestyles for pupils and parents will increase.
  • traffic speed, congestion and pollution around school gates will reduce.
  • we can respond to a demand  from parents and residents to make the streets safer around the school gates.

 If you are a resident you can find out more about applying for a permit on the Council website.

There are also guidance notes available to help apply for your permit. 

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