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Drive Safe, Cycle Safe Roadshows in October

Published: Monday, 12 November 2012

Drive Safe, Cycle safe roadshows visited four locations in late October with messages for both drivers and cyclists.

The Drive Safe Cycle safe campaign continued with four roadshows taking place in Edinburgh just as the clocks changed at the end of October.  This time of year can be hazardous for cyclists and the Streets Ahead Team encouraged cyclists to be safe and be seen, use bike lights and wear bright clothing.  Drivers were also asked to look out for cyclists expecially when turning right.  Our collision data tells us that this is one of the most common incidents involving cars and bikes.

The campaign was  aired on Radio Forth and the messages are all over the city on buses and poster sites.  You can find out more about the campaign by visiting our Drive Safe Cycle Safe pages.

Be Bright Be Seen 2018

Stay safe and look out for each other on the roads now the darker months are upon us - that's the message for road users at a series of events this week.

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