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  • Bins and recycling

    Bins or recycling boxes... Find a Household Waste Recycling Centre to take recycling and other rubbish... More bins and recycling
  • What happens to your recycling

    Recycle for Scotland... Mixed recycling... ClearPoint Recycling
  • Communal bins service

    Find your nearest recycling bin... Food recycling: grey lidded bins... recycling centre
  • Trade waste at Household Waste Recycling Centres

    No trade, commercial or business waste permitted at recycling centres... waste at our recycling centres in October 2015.... Household Waste Recycling Centres are only for residents to dispose of their own household waste and recycling.
  • Household waste recycling centres

    Household waste recycling centres... before accessing any of the recycling centres... Seafield recycling centre access changes
  • Waste strategies

    Download the Waste and Recycling strategy (PDF - 160KB)... The key points in our Waste and Recycling strategy are to... Download the full report of review of waste and recycling strategy
  • Recycling in the city centre

    Red box: mixed recycling... Only put items you can't recycle in these bins.... Download the recycling guide (PDF, 518 KB)
  • Request bins or recycling boxes

    red and blue recycling boxes... Request bins or recycling boxes
  • Other ways to reuse, recycle and reduce waste

    new opening hours at recycling centres... Recycle for Scotland
  • Household waste recycling centre rules and access

    new opening hours at recycling centres... What vehicles are allowed into recycling centres... Only Edinburgh residents in domestic vehicles can use the recycling centres.