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It's Tupping Time!

Published: Thursday, 22 November 2018

Blackface Tup

Blackface Tup

Sheep: tupping in the Pentland Hills

In autumn sheep farmers bring their flocks closer to home to begin tupping, which is when the male sheep ‘tups’ are put in with the female sheep ‘ewes’ to conceive new lambs.  This is timed so that the lambs will arrive in spring when the weather is improving and new grass is growing.  Have you ever wondered why the sheep appear with colourful marks at this time of the year? The tups have a coloured chalk put on their chest so that it rubs off on the ewe allowing the farmer to know if the sheep have all conceived.  It is important that sheep are not disturbed during this period the females could abort if chased and stressed.  When you are out and about, please do not disturb flocks of sheep.  If you are walking with your dog keep it on a short lead or under close control at all times.  Please report any incidents of sheep worrying to the Police, landowner or Regional Park.