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Winter 2017-2018: weather news

Published: Thursday, 05 April 2018

Icy and snowy weather

Thurs 5th April 2018: Harlaw car park and access track are very icy - access is not recommended today.

Tuesday 8th March 2018: Harlaw car park is accessible with care. We still recommend avoiding the area, and parking elsewhere if possible. The visitor centre and toilet is closed. Most other car parks are now accessible with care. In general areas to the east and north-east of the Park are more accessible.

Sunday 4th March 2018: Harlaw car park inaccessible due to drifted snow. PLEASE AVOID HARLAW AREA. There is no access for vehicles up to the car park, as only a narrow route has been ploughed for local residents and farmers. Bonaly car park is also inaccessible: park at the lower car park above the bypass. Threipmuir car park has not been ploughed: 4x4s can DROP OFF passengers, but there is no room to park. Flotterstone car park is accessible with care. Thank you for your patience.