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Reservoir Safety

Published: Thursday, 05 May 2016

Be safe while accessing reservoirs

Under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, you have the right to access most inland water, this includes reservoirs. When accessing reservoirs people need to be mindful of the risks and potential dangers of these water bodies.

The Regional Park has nine reservoirs which are owned by different landowners. Some are more accessible than others and all have different potential dangers that may or may not be obvious from looking at them.

The hidden dangers include; submerged rocks and walls, sudden change in depth (the resrvoirs are all man-made and designed differently), changes in temperature, under water currents (reservoirs do not have tides but there are still strong currents in the water) and infrastructure (pipes, out flows, in flows).

Although the code states you have the right to access the water for swimming and use of non-motorised water floating devices, this does not include some of the infrastructure, for example, the valve towers and spillways. Please avoid these and do not jump from the valve towers.

Scottish Water have produced a publication on advice for accessing reservoirs.