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Parks and Greenspace Management Rules

Published: Tuesday, 02 July 2013

City of Edinbrugh Council's new management rules

The City of Edinburgh Council has updated the management rules for Edinburgh's Parks and Greenspaces and they are now inforce. Withih the Regional Park these rules apply to the areas owned by Edinburgh Council; Bonaly Country Park and around Harlaw and Threipmuir Reservoirs.

The rules will not impact on people who are using the Park responsibly but are a means in which to deal with people who are not being repsonsible, causing antisocial behaviour or are being unsafe.

The rules cover most recreational activities inculding dogs, horses, cycling and camping.

If people are breaking the rules, then any council official can ask them to leave the site. Any person refusing to leave can be fined at a later date.

For more information, an article can be read in the spring/summer issue of the Pentland Beacon. Further information can be found on the Edinburgh council's website.