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Walking the dog

Responsible Dog Walking

The Pentland Hills Regional Park is a place for everyone, including four legged companions. With a little foresight and planning, you and your dog can enjoy a walk in the hills with little impact on the place that you love so well.

Sheep, lambs and cattle are present on the hills throughout the year and in most locations throughout the park. It is important therefore if you bring your dog into the Pentlands that you are aware of how to enable your dog to exercise and enjoy the area whilst it remains under your control. A poorly trained or controlled dog coupled with an irresponsible owner, can soon turn into a farmer or landowners "worst nightmare".

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code sets out the guidance which applies to dog owners. Please make sure you are familiar with your requirements. Remember if you can't see your dog, its unlikely it is under your control.

Several pieces of legislation apply to dogs in the countryside. Please read the remaining pages of the 'Walking the Dog' section.