Councillors to consider proposals for more open decision-making

A report for this Thursday's Council's meeting will set out various options for improving how the Council makes decisions and involves the public.

Council Leader, Cllr Andrew Burns, said:

"People in Edinburgh told us clearly that they wanted better opportunities to influence Council decisions and to see that the quality of our processes were open to greater scrutiny. We have listened and responded, and officers have made good progress on proposals for new ways of working. The options currently on the table reflect comments from coalition and opposition groups and, although there may still be some differences of opinion, this underlines our commitment to a genuine co-operative approach. This principle will continue to guide the final decision on a new committee system that will help make the right decisions about the services we provide to the public.

"The Council needs strong leadership and a stable environment to face the challenges we have in Edinburgh and to ensure the city and its people continue to prosper. Of course, our priority is - and will remain - providing good quality services for the people in Edinburgh but we also need to show that our processes for making decisions about these services are open, accountable and fair. A revised governance system for running the council will help to repair our relationship with residents and rebuild trust."

The report to Council summarises the progress made to date in developing a new system of governance. The main elements are:

  • A changed committee system to improve decision-making, the scrutiny of what the Council does and opportunities for the public to have their say, including a petitions committee.
  • Arrangements for reporting progress against the coalition's pledges contained in its 'contract with the capital.

Subject to the Council meeting on Thursday 23 August, a final set of proposals for agreement by all councillors will be presented to the Council meeting in September.

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