Candidates confirmed for Council election 2012

Nominations have closed for the local government election on 3 May 2012.

The candidates for the Edinburgh wards are below, also showing how many candidates are to be elected for each ward.

People who are not registered to vote can do so by contacting the Electoral Registration Officer. More information on registering is available from the Council's elections web pages.

The election uses the STV system, which involves putting numbers against preferred candidates. The Electoral Commission has produced various guides to voting and the STV system, including:

The Council's website also has details of current councillors, its current political make-up, and the results of the local government election in 2007.

1. Almond Ward (3 cllrs)

Moira Dunworth - Scottish Green Party

Billy Fitzpatrick - Scottish Labour Party

Otto Inglis - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

John Longstaff - Independent

Lindsay Paterson - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alastair Gordon Shields - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Norman James Work - Scottish National Party (SNP)

2. Pentland Hills Ward (3 cllrs)

Stuart Bridges - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Mike Professor Pongoo Ferrigan - Independent

Bill Henderson - Scottish National Party (SNP) 

Ricky Henderson - Scottish Labour Party

Dominic Heslop - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Sheila Catriona Dorothy Low - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Phyl Stuart Meyer - Scottish Green Party

3. Drum Brae/Gyle Ward (3 cllrs)

Robert Aldridge - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Steven Binney - Independent

Mark Brown - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ron Cairns - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Linda Hendry - Scottish Green Party

Karen Keil - Scottish Labour Party

Alison Lindsay - Scottish National Party (SNP)

John Scott - Independent

4. Forth Ward (4 cllrs)

Steve Cardownie - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Cammy Day - Scottish Labour Party

George Gordon - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ruth Ann Henderson - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Allan George Jackson - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Kate Joester - Scottish Green Party

Seumas Stiubhard Macmhicean - Liberal Party in Scotland

Vicki Redpath - Scottish Labour Party

Tim Wight - Scottish Liberal Democrats

5. Inverleith Ward (4 cllrs)

Nigel Bagshaw - Scottish Green Party

Gavin Barrie - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Scott Douglas - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Lesley Hinds - Scottish Labour Party

Tim McKay - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Iain Whyte - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

John Young - Scottish National Party (SNP)

6. Corstorphine/Murrayfield Ward (3 cllrs)

Jeremy Ross Balfour - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Paul Edie - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Dominic Hinde - Scottish Green Party

Tom McInally - Scottish Labour Party

James Nisbet - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Frank Ross - Scottish National Party (SNP)

7. Sighthill/Gorgie Ward (4 cllrs)

Lindsay Ashford - Scottish Green Party

Susan Stewart Dewhurst - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Denis Charles Dixon - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Catherine Fullerton - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Neil Maclean - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Eric Milligan - Scottish Labour Party

Donald Wilson - Scottish Labour Party

8. Colinton/Fairmilehead Ward (3 cllrs)

Elaine Aitken - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Eric Barry - Scottish Labour Party

Alan Beal - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Richard Lewis - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Malcolm Mackay - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Jason Geoffrey Rust - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Andy Saunders - Scottish Green Party

9. Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart Ward (3 cllrs)

Andrew Burns - Scottish Labour Party

Gavin Corbett - Scottish Green Party

David Key - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jim Lowrie - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Will Searle - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Tom Strode - Liberal Party in Scotland

10. Meadows/Morningside Ward (4 cllrs)

Jenny Dawe - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Paul Godzik - The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate

Sandy Howat - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Phil Hunt - Pirate Party Scotland

William David Mitchell Macadam - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Melanie Main - Scottish Green Party

Mark McInnes - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

11. City Centre Ward (3 cllrs)

Iain James Coleman - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Karen Doran - Scottish Labour Party

Karen Michelle Hetherington - Liberal Party in Scotland

Julita Mazurek - Scottish Green Party

Joanna Mowat - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alasdair Rankin - Scottish National Party (SNP)

12. Leith Walk Ward (4 cllrs)

Angela Blacklock - Scottish Labour Party

Miles Briggs - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Deidre Leanne Brock - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Maggie Chapman - Scottish Green Party

Nick Gardner - Scottish Labour Party

John Hein - Liberal Party in Scotland

John McArdle - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Jimmy McIntosh - Independent

Jamie Paterson - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Seumas Ross Skinner - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alex Wilson - Independent

13. Leith Ward (3 cllrs)

Chas Booth - Scottish Green Party

Irvine Wallace McMinn - Liberal Party in Scotland

Adam McVey - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Rob Munn - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gordon Munro - Scottish Labour Party

Nicola Ross - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Marjorie Thomas - Scottish Liberal Democrats

14. Craigentinny/Duddingston Ward (3 cllrs)

Kevin Ferguson - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Joan Griffiths - Scottish Labour Party

Jason Lingiah - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alex Lunn - Scottish Labour Party

John Palmer - Scottish Green Party

Gary John Peacock - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Stefan Tymkewycz - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Colin Williamson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

15. Southside/Newington Ward (4 cllrs)

William Black - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Steve Burgess - Scottish Green Party

Margaret Lea - Liberal Party in Scotland

Gordon Mackenzie - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Gordon Murdie - Independent

Jim Orr - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ian Perry - Scottish Labour Party

Cameron Rose - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

16. Liberton/Gilmerton Ward (4 cllrs)

Norma Austin Hart - Scottish Labour Party

Tom Buchanan - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Joan Carter - Scottish Green Party

Nick Cook - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Bill Cook - Scottish Labour Party

Colin Fox - Scottish Socialist Party

Derek Howie - Scottish National Party (SNP)

John Christopher Knox - Scottish Liberal Democrats

17. Portobello/Craigmillar Ward (3 cllrs)

Mike Bridgman - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Maureen Child - Scottish Labour Party

Henry Thomas Christian - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Norrie Davies - Independent

David Alistair Manson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Peter McColl - Scottish Green Party

Martin Veart - Scottish Liberal Democrats

David Walker - Scottish Labour Party

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