We’ll give stranded staff a helping hand when they return - MacLaren

All 730 City of Edinburgh Council staff affected by flight cancellations will have the option to make up hours to avoid loss of pay.

Returning staff will be offered a range of options which will include making up for missed work days, using extra annual or flexi leave or taking unpaid leave.

Regardless of what option is taken, staff will not have pay deducted immediately on their return to work and all will have the opportunity to discuss options and their individual circumstances with their manager.

Council Leader Jenny Dawe said:

"This is an unprecedented situation and with 730 staff from all areas of our organisation experiencing severe delays, we want to ensure that they have some options to consider when they get back.  We have been careful to treat all of our staff consistently and we think these options can provide a solution to a difficult situation."

City Education Leader Cllr Marilyne MacLaren said:

"Many teachers and school support staff go abroad during the Easter holidays so schools have been particularly hard hit.  We have worked very hard to assist all staff who are caught up in the chaos. 

"It's the mark of a good employer to support staff in such difficult circumstances and I am very pleased that this Council has found a way to treat staff from across all sectors fairly. 

"This has been a difficult experience for all involved and I am grateful to all those staff from Council HQ who have volunteered to go back into schools to keep them open - it's a real team effort.  Our overriding priority is always to keep pupils in schools and, of course, to have teachers there to teach them."

Local EIS Secretary Colin Mackay said:

"The Council's approach will ensure that staff stranded abroad will not be disadvantaged and this is welcomed by the EIS. 

"The EIS have agreed to a temporary relaxation is current teacher contract arrangements in areas such as maximum class size, maximum working hours and restrictions on providing cover in areas outwith a teacher's own subject specialism.  This common sense approach had previously been agreed to allow allow schools to operate in times of crisis."

The following options will be available for all staff groups:

·        Use annual leave or flexi leave (where the employee participates)

·        Agree arrangements to make up the lost hours at another time, through work or additional activities where practicable.

·        Take unpaid leave.

·        Agree an arrangement that is a combination of the above options.



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