Electric scooter trial to drive Council into the low emission fast lane

State-of-the-art electric scooters are due to be trialled by staff from the City of Edinburgh Council in a bid to help reduce carbon emissions and find new ways of sustainable travel.

The Council will trial the electric scooters in partnership, with electric scooter service provider, Go Zypper.

The scheme aims to collect information on vehicle performance and data on the economic and environmental benefits to the Council and the scooter users.

The project also hopes to demonstrate the different ways Edinburgh can make a contribution to reducing its own carbon emissions and meet Scottish Government legislation on climate change.

During the trial, workers will be asked to keep a log book of their experiences and comment on how they found driving the vehicles.

The Council are receiving four scooters which will be trialled over four to six months. Staff will use the bikes to commute to and from work, go out on Council business and for personal use.

Councillor Robert Aldridge, Environmental Leader, who is taking part in the trial, said: "I'm really looking forward to finding out what difference the electric scooter makes to my commuting and travelling around the city. This is a very worthwhile trial as large organisations have a key role to play in reducing harmful emissions. We all need to make small changes on how we do things and this project is essentially a fact finding mission to see how electric scooters can further embed a low carbon culture within the Council. The vehicles also fit in with our plans for sustainable travel and improving environmental performance. I am very much looking forward to testing the scooter out around the city."

Lynn Westwood, Council Worker, said: "I'm really excited about starting the trial. My children, who are always keen to find ways to be environmentally friendly, are very keen to see their mum on a scooter. Sounds great fun, very practical and cost efficient. I cannot wait to get going!"

Craig Cunningham, another member of staff taking part added: "This is a great opportunity to trial a scooter for my commute to work and for leisure use at the weekend. We should all be doing our bit to help reduce carbon emissions and I am happy to have the chance to make a contribution to this scheme. I look forward to seeing how the electric scooter performs on my journeys."

Robert Steele from Go Zypper, said: "The electric scooter is the way forward for urban journeys with free town parking, zero vehicle tax, zero carbon emissions, low running costs and when rolled out across the UK a unique energy delivery system to ensure that only electricity from a sustainable source is used."

The Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life are also taking part in the trial being co-ordinated by Go Zypper. Following the experiment, the company hope to have enough information to expand business in Scotland and other parts of the UK.

The trial will begin on 1 May and will last for around four to six months.

The trial also fits in with the Council's Sustainable Travel Plan (2009-12) which looks at how the Council can improve its environmental performance.

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