Council streamlines committee system

Elected members today (Thursday, 22 June) agreed the restructure of the City of Edinburgh Council’s committee system.

Councillors approved a motion proposing the new framework at this morning’s Council meeting, where conveners and vice-conveners for each committee were also appointed.
Under the streamlined system, the number of committees has been reduced from eight to six, ensuring a more balanced share of reports between committees and reflecting the localities-based model of the Council following transformation.
Councillor Adam McVey, Council Leader, said: “I am delighted that we have now formed an administration and I look forward to getting to work improving services and providing better opportunities for the people of Edinburgh.
“Our new, improved committee structure will ensure a more joined-up approach to Council services, and by balancing business equally between six committees, it will allow officers and elected members ample time to consider reports, to the benefit of the city’s communities.”
Councillor Cammy Day, Depute Council Leader, said: “Today we officially began a partnership which will offer strong leadership of the Council over the next five years. Along with newly-appointed conveners, we are committed to prioritising the issues that matter the most to the public, while working to maintain Edinburgh as a vibrant, successful city.”
The new Council leadership has committed to focus on several key areas while in administration, including the construction of 20,000 affordable new homes, investment in transport infrastructure, improving waste services and roads maintenance and the delivery of a City Region Deal. The coalition will also target educational attainment, building two new secondary schools and 10 new primaries by 2021.
Councillors agreed to revise political management arrangements at a Council meeting on 25 May, when it was proposed that any new model should take into account the changed structure of the Council, and be based on the Council’s political balance.
As well as a reduction in the number of committees, a new addition to the executive committee remit will be strategic development, which will allow the Local Development Plan to be considered under the Housing and Economy Committee, while additional scrutiny of health and social care issues will be incorporated into the Corporate, Policy and Strategy Committee, recognising the Integration Joint Board’s role.
Members also agreed the creation of four cross-party working groups to lead consultation on Locality Improvement Plans. These will be chaired by Councillor Maureen Child (North East locality), Councillor Mandy Watt (South East locality), Councillor George Gordon (North West locality) and Councillor Denis Dixon (South West locality).
Executive Committees, Conveners and Vice-conveners
Corporate, Policy and Strategy
Remit: Cross-Cutting Policies and Strategy; Partnership and Reform; Equalities; City Deal; Scrutiny of Health and Social Care;
Convener: Councillor Adam McVey
Vice-convener: Councillor Cammy Day
Finance and Resources
Remit: Finance; Procurement; HR; Property
Convener: Councillor Alasdair Rankin
Vice-convener: Councillor Marion Donaldson
Education, Children and Families
Remit: Education; Children Social Care; Lifelong Learning; Libraries
Convener: Councillor Ian Perry
Vice Convener: Councillor Alison Dickie
Transport and Environment
Remit: Transport; Environment; Public Realm
Convener: Councillor Lesley Macinnes
Vice-convener: Councillor Karen Doran
Culture and Communities
Remit: Communities and Localities; Culture, Arts and Museums; Festivals; Community Justice; Sport
Convener: Councillor Donald Wilson
Vice-convener: Councillor Ian Campbell
Housing and Economy
Remit: Housing; Homelessness and Housing Support; Economic Development; Strategic Development (LDP)
Convener: Councillor Gavin Barrie
Vice Convener: Councillor Lezley Marion Cameron
Additional appointments 
Lord Provost: Councillor Frank Ross (appointed on Thursday, 18 May)
Depute Lord Provost: Councillor Joan Griffiths
Planning Committee and Development Management Sub-Committee Convener: Councillor Lewis Ritchie
Regulatory Committee and Licensing Sub-Committee Convener: Councillor Catherine Fullerton

Governance, Risk and Best Value Committee Convener: Councillor Joanna Mowat 
Vice-convener: Councillor Melanie Main
Licensing Board Chair: Councillor Norman Work
Lothian Valuation Joint Board Convener: Councillor David Key
Integration Joint Board Convener: Councillor Ricky Henderson

A recording of the meeting is available to view in the Council's webcast archive.

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