Find out how superfast broadband could benefit your business

Businesses in and around Edinburgh are being given the opportunity to discover superfast broadband first-hand at a programme of engaging demonstrations organised by the City of Edinburgh Council.

Broadbroad vocher scheme boundaries
Boundaries for broadband voucher scheme

Businesses in and around Edinburgh are being given the opportunity to discover superfast broadband first-hand at a programme of engaging demonstrations organised by the City of Edinburgh Council.  

The sessions, which will be held at the Creative Exchange, will focus on 3D printing, HD videoconferencing and film editing. They will give businesses hands-on experience of superfast broadband and information on how a faster, more reliable connection could benefit their business. 

The Council is working with local suppliers Hobs Reprographics to deliver the introduction to 3D printing sessions, Cobra Simulation to deliver the HD video conferencing sessions and Edinburgh College students to offer introductions to film editing.

Find out more and register for the events visit or follow @connectedinburg onTwitter. The 3D Printing event is on 24 Nov and 29 January and the HD Video Conferencing event is on 4 December and 20 January. 

Cllr Frank Ross, Convener of the Economy Committee, said: “This is a valuable opportunity for businesses to find out how a faster broadband connection could help improve their business opportunities. The demonstrations are being held in an inspiring venue as the Creative Exchange is packed with small hi-tech companies sparking off each other to help them to grow.

"We worked hard to secure the broadband voucher scheme for the City Region for local businesses and I would strongly recommend those without a fast connection to apply for a voucher as high grade broadband is more reliable, faster and it will make your business more efficient and competitive.”

Further information

  • The sessions and equipment are being funded by the Council and Broadband Delivery UK to help promote the broadband voucher scheme the Council has been running since 7 December 2013 and is open to applications until 31 March 2015. 
  • Edinburgh’s broadband voucher scheme has received over 220 applications for funding and has allocated nearly £450k to businesses and charities in Edinburgh and parts of the Lothians and Fife. 
  • Organisations can apply for up to £3,000 to help with the installation costs of superfast broadband (minimum 20Mbps). To qualify for a voucher, applicants should be small to medium-sized businesses or third sector organisations located in or within five miles of Edinburgh, with fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £40m. 
  • Funding has gone to a wide range of businesses including technology incubators, recruitment agencies, travel companies, cafes, architects, theatres, veterinarians, arts centres, food banks, shopping centres, marketing and digital media companies, publishing groups and property agents. 
  • We’ve helped local businesses improve their business by giving £3,000 grants to upgrade internet connections.

Quotes from those who have received a grant.

The installation of our new fibre internet has really changed the way we do business here at iTrain Scotland, as it has enabled us to provide much faster 'real-time' web design and Google courses as well as improving our staff’s ability to work from home (via remote access).”- Justin Robertson (Director) iTrain Scotland

"Thanks to the fibre installation at the Controllis headquarters in CBC House, we have been able to migrate our network management infrastructure from a remote cloud based solution to a series of in-house rack mounted servers.  This has reduced our costs, while greatly increasing our flexibility, performance and customer credibility.  Without the speed and reliability of the fibre installation, this would not have been possible." - Mark Anderson (Company Director) Controllis

"The reliability and speed of the recently installed fibre internet is a real selling point for our serviced offices at Capital Business Centre.  We have received nothing but positive feedback from our clients since the installation and new clients are impressed by the quality of service we can now provide." - Shirley Maxwell (Centre Manager) Capital Business Centre

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