Tailored care and support for those who need it

A new national system designed to give people more say over the care and support they receive is to be implemented in Edinburgh.

Self-Directed Support(SDS) will allow individuals who are eligible for social care benefits to choose how their funding should be spent and to tailor it to suit their specific needs more closely.

The new scheme has been set by the Social Care (SDS) Scotland Act 2013, and this Scottish Government legislation will come into force across the country on April 1. It will be phased in gradually in the capital by the City of Edinburgh Council to make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Recipients will be able to choose from four options:

  1. A direct payment
  2. A support package designed by them
  3. Services arranged by the Council
  4. A combination of the above

Funding will be provided through a new Funding Allocation System, which the Council will use to determine the estimated costs of meeting each person's care and support needs.

Health and Social Care Convener, Councillor Ricky Henderson, said: "Self-directed support can lead to a better quality of life for individuals who are very clear about what they need. It is flexible so that people can either tailor their own specific package or else simply allow others, such as Council staff or a care agency, to draw one up with them.

"The Coalition is committed to ensuring that residents are well cared for and that high quality care is available for those who need it."

For more information about SDS go to: www.selfdirectedsupportscotland.org.uk

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