New pig composting bin is nothing to be sniffed at

Some people may think composting is a 'pig of a job' - however a new funky composter is set to make the job more fun.

Roly ploy pig being filled

Roly Poly Pig is set to be delivered to Bonaly Scout Club this week to encourage young people to recycle more and reuse less.

The pig is one of the more interesting ways of turning old fruit and vegetable scraps into lovely soil for the garden. Pigs enjoy rolling around in mud and the special compost bin works by rolling the bin on the grass to turn kitchen and garden waste into rich food for the garden.

The Scout Club won the piggy prize at a prize draw at the Waste Aware Education Cabin at Seafield Community Education Centre in August.

Anita Duffy, Waste Education Officer at the City of Edinburgh Council said: "This is a great way of putting the fun back into composting and there is no need to be a 'boar'. It is important that young and old alike learn about the journey that waste takes and what we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle. It's clear that composting is here to 'sty', and with Roly Poly Pig, our only problem is making sure young people and adults alike don't 'hog' it."

Households can turn their own waste into compost - around 30 per cent of the average household bin can be composted - using a home composter or take advantage of the garden waste collections (brown bins) to ensure their garden waste is recycled into nutritious fertilizer.  

Thanks to all the keen gardeners in the city, the Council recycled over 25,000 tonnes of garden waste last year.

The picture shows the bin being filled by one of the children from the Uni-tots Nursery at Edinburgh University, who were the winners of the Council's spring waste aware competition. They have named their pig 'Percy'. For more pictures, please visit the Council's Flickr photo site.

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