Tram test route extends to Haymarket

An Edinburgh Tram has been tested at walking pace on a fully off-road section between Edinburgh Park and Haymarket.

The tram, flanked by engineers and key personnel, was walked along the route so measurements could be taken and tests carried out. This means that around 11km of track is available for testing.

Transport Convener Lesley Hinds said:

“This is another long section now under testing and it means there’s 11km of track in use. Of course, there’s more testing to come so we’re very keen that the contractors have the space to do their work so we can keep pushing hard towards the service launch in May.”

The Council has contacted residents and schools situated very close to the route to advise them of the testing process. Signs for pedestrians have been put up at key interfaces.

The testing phase between will eventually see in excess of 150 tram test journeys along the line each day (five days per week). This will be a gradual build up in tram movements over a period of time which will allow everyone to get used to the new arrangements.

Residents are being reminded to take the following safety precautions:

  • Trams move quietly and quickly, with a top speed of 70kmh (45mph) on off road sections. Speed limits apply on the road.
  • Look both ways at tram crossing locations for passing trams and other vehicles.
  • Tram crossings should be treated like any other traffic signal controlled junction, where yellow box keep clear areas, road signs and traffic signals should be obeyed.
  • Overhead power lines are live at all times at 750V dc so do not go near them.
  • Children should be supervised and dogs should be kept on leads around tram crossing locations.

The project remains in line with the revised budget (£776m) approved by the Council in September 2011, with work either ahead of schedule or in line with the revised timescale reported in December 2011.

The Council’s project team has forecast that the service will be up and running for passengers by May 2014, two months earlier than the original summer 2014 target.

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