Fostering and adoption services go from strength to strength

The City of Edinburgh Council's Foster Care, Day Care and Adoption services have received their best inspection ratings ever with all 25 quality themes being graded as 'very good'.

The Care Inspectorate (Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland) inspection took place last summer over the course of three days which saw work examined in every area of the service.  The results of this inspection are the best ever to be achieved by the Council.

The report concluded;

The City of Edinburgh Council Fostering Service provided a very good service to foster carers so that they could meet the needs of the children and young people who came to live with them. There was a positive, dynamic culture within the service. Staff were encouraged and supported by effective management who motivated staff to provide a quality service. Foster carers were very positive about the service. Children and young people were looked after by foster carers who put their needs at the centre. Foster carers were very good advocates for children and young people. When we visited children and young people in their foster home, we saw that they were relaxed, confident and settled.

The report highlighted some particular strengths of the service including;

  • staff were highly motivated to provide a very good service to support foster carers caring for children and young people.

  • very good management known to foster carers and accessible to staff

  •  the service promoted good attachments for children and young people in foster care which improved their ability to make and sustain positive relationships.

  • the preparation of applicants was thorough. This ensured that children and young people were looked after by carers who were well prepared and ready to meet their needs.

  • the service had effective fostering panels.

Councillor Paul Godzik, Education, Children and Families Convener said, "This is an outstanding result for our Foster Care and Adoption teams and the huge effort they put into delivering this vital service.  They are not only trail blazing in Scotland but the UK also.  It's worth bearing in mind this couldn't be achieved without the support and dedication received from our foster carers.  We are always in need of more foster carers to help us look after some of the city's most vulnerable children and young people, so please get in touch if you think you can help."

Scott Dunbar, Service Manager said, "Our teams work tirelessly to do the best for the children in our care and I think this can be seen in these fantastic results.  We are doing our best to make sure children in need of foster care, day care or permanent care get the help they need to lead happy and productive lives and our teams are aiming to achieve this for all of them."

The Care Inspectorate carry out annual inspections of the Council's fostering and adoption services as well as it's other social work services.

More information on fostering and adoption, including on how you can get involved is available online.

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