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My pension online registration instructions

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LOGIN here

Registration instructions  (download instructions in pdf here)

My Pension Online -
 registration video

Youtube video showing how to register for the My Pension Online service

Step 1: click on the appropriate link

REGISTER with email address

REGISTER with activation code

(activation codes for active and deferred members were included in annual newsletters.)

Step 2: complete the online form 

Step 3: For those registering with an email address:  if we hold a matching email address, you will receive an email from  This is an automatic system generated email and will be sent within 5 minutes of your request.  It often goes to the spam or junk folder so please check these folders.  If we do not hold your email or the one you enter does not match our records, you will be sent security questions to confirm your identity before you can proceed to the registration stage. 

For those registering using an activation code: you will automatically go to step 4

Step 4: Complete the online form, the cross will turn green if the format is correct. Click register.

Please make sure you choose two different security questions to answer and that your responses to the questions are the same.

Step 5: if you complete the registration you will be taken to the log in screen. Complete the username and password and click log in. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset these by using the links above the login button.