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Blue Badge parking

If you're a driver or a passenger and you have mobility issues, you may be eligible for a Blue Badge. 

Further information on Blue Badges, including how to apply for one, or report a lost stolen badge can be found on the Scottish Government website or by contacting us directly, our details are below.

You can also pick up forms from you local library or neighbourhood office you can check here to see which locality of the city you belong to.

At your local neighbourhood office  you can bring your completed blue badge form and we can take payment or photocopy documents for you as well as pass on to the Travel Concessions team.

Where you can park 

With a Blue Badge you can park free of charge and without a time limit on street in Edinburgh

  • in public and shared on-street parking bays
  • on single or double yellow lines when loading is allowed
  • in greenways parking places when parking is allowed
  • in disabled parking bays.

You should not park

  • in bus lanes during the hours of operation
  • in cycle lanes
  • on single or double red lines during the hours of operation
  • on zig-zag pedestrian crossings at school entrances
  • in bus stops
  • in parking spaces for residents, motorcycles and city car club users
  • in suspended parking bays
  • any place where traffic or emergency vehicles might be held up
  • at dropped kerbs
  • in public parking places on main traffic routes when loading is prohibited.
If you live in an area of Edinburgh that has permit spaces you may qualify for a free residents permit.  For more information contact our residents permit team, details below. 

Always check road markings and signs for information.

You can only apply for an exempt permit at the Drumbrae Hub 

The Permit team are now based at the Drumbrae Hub.


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