Climate change

The Council and climate change

The Council is taking action on climate change in line with the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 and in keeping with Sustainable Edinburgh 2020, our framework for the sustainable development of the city to 2020.  You can download Sustainable Edinburgh 2020 below.

Our programmes

sustainable energy action plan (SEAP) has been developed to reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

Resilient Edinburgh, our first Climate Change Adaptation Framework, was approved by the Council and endorsed by the Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership in 2014. You can download a copy of it below.

To take the Framework forward, the first Edinburgh Adapts Action Plan and Vision were published in December 2016. The Action Plan runs from 2016 to 2020 and the Vision looks even further, setting out where we would like to be in 2025 and 2050. You can download a copy of the Action Plan and Vision below.

Our carbon emissions

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is a UK wide energy saving and carbon emissions reduction scheme. The Council and other large organisations are taxed according to the amount of energy they consume.  So we must reduce energy use and emissions from our buildings and street lighting, and introduce energy efficiency measures.  You can see the latest CRC requirements on the UK Government website.

By law we need to produce a Carbon Management Plan (CMP) to show how we are reducing carbon emissions from our own buildings and activities. Our revised Carbon Management Plan sets out the framework for reducing our emissions from 2015/16. The CMP is an important part of the Council's overall approach to climate change, helping to meet citywide climate targets set out in Sustainable Edinburgh 2020 and contributing to mandatory reporting requirements.

Turn off the lights

The Council supports Earth Hour a yearly global event to raise awareness of climate change.  On the last Saturday in March, individuals, communities, business and organisations are encouraged to switch off their lights for an hour.  The Council has been awarded "Super Authority" status for its support Earth Hour.  We have also reduced the number of flood-lit monuments and buildings in recent years under our Darker Skies policy, which you can download below.

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