Community justice

Edinburgh's community justice partners are working together to Edinburgh community safety partnership logo

  • reduce crime
  • keep communities safe
  • promote social inclusion and citizenship.

Our vision is to build safer, fairer and more inclusive communities. Everyone has something to offer and can contribute to our communities, although some people may need more support than others to do this. Community justice partners are committed to support individuals realise their full potential so they can add value to our communities for the benefit of all citizens.

Community justice is working to prevent and reduce offending by addressing its underlying causes and ensuring that people have equal access to services such as education, employability and health. We want to support people who have committed offences to access services to empower them to become fully integrated members of society, as well as making sure that the needs of victims and witnesses of crime are met. 

To be involved in any future consultation events about community justice please email Suzan Ross

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