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Route design maps and Traffic Regulation Orders

You can download tram route design maps at the bottom of this page. These provide detail of layouts of key infrastructure along the route.

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

At the City of Edinburgh Council's Transport, Infrastructure and Environment (TIE) Committee on Tuesday 23 November 2010, Members agreed that the proposed TRO should be implemented. 

Members also identified a number of actions to address objections which had been raised to the Tram TRO. This included the setting up of West End workshops to look at mitigation measures.

On the back of initial discussions at the workshops a commitment was then given, see the Edinburgh Tram – Remediation and Reinstatement Works report (downloadable below),  to the TIE Committee on 29 November 2011, (paragraphs 3.12 - 3.13).  This was a proposal to introduce a relaxation to allow overnight general traffic on Shandwick Place. The report notes that the relaxation will be in place by the time the Tram is operational and the necessary variation order has now been made to allow that to happen.

Commitments have also been given to investigate a number of other options once the tram is operational, such as the potential to allow general traffic on Shandwick Place during daytime off peak hours and to provide an access route between Canning Street and Stafford Street. 

The decision to curtail the first phase of tram line one at York Place has also required a variation order to be promoted to return the regulations north of York Place, Picardy Place through to Newhaven, to their pre tram status. That variation order has now been made.

A variation order is also required to reflect minor modifications to the road layout on York Place which are required to accommodate the tram stop on York Place. That variation order will be advertised shortly.

Code of Construction Practice (COCP)

The COCP is a key driver that defines the Council's policy on how the construction works are undertaken. Any breaches from this practice will be published here on a regular basis.

You can download the latest COCP documents below.

Edinburgh Tram overall target programme

The Client Target programme for the Tram project is available to download below. Dates for each activity are dependent on favourable weather conditions and work could change on the basis of unexpected circumstances. Overall commissioning and running of activities are dependent on successful completion of a series of tests and in accordance with the Railways and other Guided Transport systems (Safety) Regulations 2006.

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