Bike security and storage

Read advice on storing bikes in Edinburgh tenements and flat on the Spokes website.

Some simple tips can help you keep your bike safe.

  • Avoid parking in isolated or dimly lit places.
  • Always lock your bike frame to an immovable object.
  • Lock removable parts, such as wheels, and take smaller parts and accessories with you.
  • Make the lock and bike hard to move when parked.
  • Face the lock towards the ground to make it harder to pick.
  • Take more care if your bike is expensive. Be prepared to spend at least 10% of your bike's value on a quality lock to keep it safe. Ask your local bike shop for advice on buying a lock.

If your bike is stolen, please report it to Police Scotland by calling 101.

Security marking for your bike

Police Scotland offer security marking for bicycles which can help identify your bike if it is recovered after being stolen which is on offer at events in Edinburgh throughout the year.

UV marking costs £5 and an electronic tag £16.

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