Transport policy

Transport policy and strategy

We are committed to providing a top quality transport network that is green, healthy and accessible to all. Our long term vision for this can be found in the Transport 2030 Vision.

The main transport policies and actions are set down in the Local Transport Strategy 2014 - 2019.

A series of action plans sit beneath the Local Transport Strategy. These provide more detailed actions that will help to deliver our policies.

Encouraging more people to travel more often on foot and by bike is very important to us, as it meets so many aims in terms of health, wellbeing, air quality, and creating an attractive city. Our Active Travel Action Plan 2010 - 2020 sets out how we are going to do this. The Action Plan was reviewed in 2013 -  and an updated Action Table can be found in this Committee Report.

The Council and our partners are working towards developing a modern road network where all users are safe from the risk of being killed or seriously injured. Actions for working towards this are set out in the Road Safety Plan to 2020. More information can be found at the Streets Ahead website.

The Public and Accessible Transport Action Plan 2013 - 2020 aims to develop a public transport system that is efficient, integrated and sustainable.

The Council has also establishes a Transport Forum, which is made up of  experts, interested parties and citizens, to discuss and inform the development of Edinburgh's transport policies.

Future plans and policies

The Road Maintenance and Renewal Action Plan will include a review of the way the Council programmes renewals and repairs.

Our Street Design Guidance will provide guidance for urban planners and engineers to help make streets safer, more attractive and easier to walk around. For more information about this area of work, see the page on the Edinburgh Public Realm Strategy.

A review of community and accessible transport is also being carried out.

Census data and contact details

For data about car ownership, mode of travel to work and place of study in Edinburgh, see the Transport and Travel topic summary of the 2011 Census data.

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