Voting by post

Using a postal vote at the UK Parliamentary General Elections

Your postal vote pack will contain

  • A ballot paper which is white
  • a postal voting statement, which is attached to
  • an 'A' envelope to put your completed ballot paper in
  • a 'B' envelope to return your postal voting statement and 'A' envelope with completed ballot paper enclosed.

You should complete and return your postal vote as soon as you can so that it can be processed. Your postal vote must be received by the Returning Officer by 10pm on Thursday 8 June 2017.

If you are unable to post it in time to meet this deadline you can hand it in at the City Chambers reception or Waverley Court reception during office hours. On the day of the election you can hand it into a polling place within the City of Edinburgh Council area.

You must complete and return your postal voting statement with your ballot paper, or your vote will not be counted. Full instructions are in the vote pack. If you need help with the instructions, phone our helpline on the number below.

Please note you must fill in your date of birth and signature so that the Returning Officer can confirm that you are the person the postal pack was sent to and that you are entitled to vote.

Lost or not received postal votes

If you haven't received your postal pack by Friday 2 June, or you have lost your pack, call our helpline for advice on the number below.

We are required by law to seek confirmation of your identity before issuing a replacement pack - this could be your passport, driving licence, bus pass or student card.

If you don't have any of these documents then you can contact our helpline to find out what other forms of identification can be used.  You will need to make an appointment to come to City Chambers to collect your replacement and present your ID in person - no-one else can come on your behalf.

Please note that voting twice in this election is an offence which could result in a fine of up to £5,000 or imprisonment for up to six months. If you have already sent back a completed pack you may be committing an offence by requesting another ballot.

We can only issue replacements for lost postal votes up until 5pm on Thursday 8 June.

'Spoilt' postal votes

If the damage is only superficial this won't invalidate your vote.   

For example, if

  • you have accidentally spilled coffee on it. Let it dry then clearly mark the ballot paper, complete your date of birth and sign the Postal Voting Statement.
  • you have accidentally detached the Postal Voting Statement. Put the Postal Voting Statement (PVS) and envelope A, containing the completed ballot papers, into envelope B and send it back.
  • someone has signed and dated your papers by mistake, score out the wrong date and signature and enter the correct date of birth below the boxes if necessary, and the correct signature, outside the signature box if necessary.  Do not use Tippex as this may invalidate your vote.
  • you have completed your papers in ink other than black is fine. Black can be read best by our scanners, but other colours are still fine.
  • you have made a mistake on your ballot paper, score out your vote.  Make it very clear who you want to vote for. Do not sign or initial the change as this may identify you as the voter.
  • you have sealed envelope B and discovered that you haven't put all the documents in, open it carefully, put in the rest of the documents and re-seal.  You can use sticky tape.

If the ballot paper has been damaged and cannot be used you will need to return the damaged pack and apply for a replacement pack. 

We can replace spoilt packs any time after postal votes have been issued until 5pm on Thursday 8 June.

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