Council election 4 May 2017 candidates

The names of the candidates for each ward are listed below in the order that they appear on the ballot paper. There are seventeen wards within the City of Edinburgh Council area and a total of 63 councillors. Three or four candidates are elected in each ward.

The voting system for this election is the Single Transferable Vote (STV). You should vote using numbers and can vote for as many or as few as you wish.

Ward 1 - Almond - Four candidates will be elected

FRASER, Daniel (Scottish Libertarian Party)

HUTCHISON, Graham (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)


LANG, Kevin (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

LONGSTAFF, John (Independent)

MCKINNON-WADDELL, Iain (Scottish Green Party)

MITCHELL, Pamela (Scottish National Party (SNP))

WHITEHEAD, Bruce (Scottish Labour Party)

WORK, Norrie (Scottish National Party (SNP))

YOUNG, Louise (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Ward 2 - Pentland Hills - Four candidates will be elected

BRUCE, Graeme (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

FARTHING, Emma (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

GARDINER, Neil (Scottish National Party (SNP))

HENDERSON, Ricky (Scottish Labour Party)

NOREIKIENE, Ernesta (Scottish National Party (SNP))

WEBBER, Susan (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

WESTON, Evelyn (Scottish Green Party)

Ward 3 - Drum Brae/Gyle - Three candidates will be elected

ALDRIDGE, Robert Christopher (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

BRIDGMAN, Claire (Scottish National Party (SNP))

BROWN, Mark (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

KEIL, Karen Ann (Scottish Labour Party)

MEYER, Phyl (Scottish Green Party)

Ward 4 - Forth - Four candidates will be elected

BIRD, Eleanor (Scottish National Party (SNP))

CAMPBELL, Jim (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

DAY, Cammy (Scottish Labour Party)

GORDON, George (Scottish National Party (SNP))

MACKAY, Gillian (Scottish Green Party)

PUGH, Heather (Scottish Labour Party)

ROSS, Nicola (Independent)

WIGHT, Tim (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Ward 5 - Inverleith - Four candidates will be elected

BAGSHAW, Nigel (Scottish Green Party)

BARRIE, Gavin (Scottish National Party (SNP))

DALGLEISH, James (Scottish Labour Party)

LAIRD, Tom (Scottish Libertarian Party)

MITCHELL, Max (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

OSLER, Hal (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

WHYTE, Iain (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

WOOLNOUGH, Tina (Independent)

Ward 6 - Corstorphine/Murrayfield - Three candidates will be elected

DOUGLAS, Scott (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

GLOYER, Gillian (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

NEVENS, Kate (Scottish Green Party)


ROSS, Frank (Scottish National Party (SNP))

SCOTT, John Ferguson (Independent)

WHITELAW, June (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 7 - Sighthill/Gorgie - Four candidates will be elected

DIXON, Denis (Scottish National Party (SNP))

FULLERTON, Catherine (Scottish National Party (SNP))

GRACZYK, Ashley (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

HAYTER, Simon (Scottish National Party (SNP))

HEAP, Dan (Scottish Green Party)

SCOBIE, Devin Scott (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

SMITH, Carmel (Scottish Labour Party)

STRANGE, Calum (Scottish Libertarian Party)

WILSON, Donald (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 8 - Colinton/Fairmilehead - Three candidates will be elected

ARTHUR, Scott (Scottish Labour Party)

DOGGART, Phil (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

LEWIS, Richard John (Scottish National Party (SNP))

MARSDEN, Sara (Scottish Green Party)

RUST, Jason (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

WALKER, David Richard (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Ward 9 - Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart - Three candidates will be elected

CORBETT, Gavin (Scottish Green Party)

JOHNSTON, Andrew (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

KEY, David (Scottish National Party (SNP))

LANG, Jenni (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

SUBRAMANI, Rojan (Independent)

WIMBERLEY, Anne (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 10 - Morningside - Four candidates will be elected

COOK, Nick (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

HOWAT, Sandy (Scottish National Party (SNP))

LAND, Chris (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

MAIN, Melanie (Scottish Green Party)

ROSS, Neil (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

WATT, Mandy (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 11 - City Centre  - Four candidates will be elected

DORAN, Karen (Scottish Labour Party)

MILLER, Claire (Scottish Green Party)

MOWAT, Jo (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

RANKIN, Alasdair (Scottish National Party (SNP))

SIDOR, Peter (Scottish Libertarian Party)

STEVENS, David (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Ward 12 - Leith Walk  - Four candidates will be elected

DONALDSON, Marion (Scottish Labour Party)

GARDNER, Nick (Scottish Labour Party)

JACOBSEN, David Don (Socialist Labour Party)

MARGA, Cristina (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

MCNEESE-MECHAN, Amy (Scottish National Party (SNP))

MELVILLE, Alan Gordon (Independent)

RAE, Susan (Scottish Green Party)

RITCHIE, Lewis (Scottish National Party (SNP))

TOBERMANN, Harald (Independent)

ZAPOROZCENKO, Vita (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Ward 13 - Leith - Three candidates will be elected

BOOTH, Chas (Scottish Green Party)

DIJKSTRA-DOWNIE, Sanne (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

MCVEY, Adam (Scottish National Party (SNP))

MUNRO, Gordon John (Labour and Co-operative Party)

PENMAN, Paul (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Ward 14 - Craigentinny/Duddingston  - Four candidates will be elected

CAMPBELL, Ian (Scottish National Party (SNP))

GRIFFITHS, Joan (Labour and Co-operative Party)

HADFIELD, Patrick (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

LUNN, Alex (Scottish National Party (SNP))

MARTIN, Lyndsay (Labour and Co-operative Party)

MCLELLAN, John (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

STANIFORTH, Alex (Scottish Green Party)

WADHWA, Mridul (Scottish National Party (SNP))

Ward 15 - Southside/Newington  - Four candidates will be elected

BURGESS, Steve (Scottish Green Party)

DICKIE, Alison (Scottish National Party (SNP))

FARTHING, Dan (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

PERRY, Ian (Scottish Labour Party)

ROSE, Cameron (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Ward 16 - Liberton/Gilmerton  - Four candidates will be elected

CAMERON, Lezley Marion (Scottish Labour Party)

HOWIE, Derek (Scottish National Party (SNP))

KNOX, John Christopher (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

MACINNES, Lesley (Scottish National Party (SNP))

NICHOL, John (Scottish Green Party)

POGSON, Tim (Scottish Labour Party)

SMITH, Stephanie (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Ward 17 - Portobello/Craigmillar - Four candidates will be elected

BRIDGMAN, Mike (Scottish National Party (SNP))

CAMPBELL, Kate (Scottish National Party (SNP))

CAMPBELL, Mary (Scottish Green Party)

CHILD, Maureen (Scottish Labour Party)

LAIDLAW, Callum (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

LESLIE, Callum (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

WALKER, David (Scottish Labour Party)

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