School records

The Council and its schools must keep information on each pupil's progress at school. This may include things like medical history and family background.

Pupils over 12 years and their parents have the right to see their school records, but there are exceptions. For example, if it would reveal information about another pupil or if it might harm someone to reveal it.

Make a request to access current school records

As a child or parent, you should write to your school’s head teacher to access your school record.

They will arrange for you to visit and see the records.You must be shown the record within 15 days if you are a parent, or 40 days if you are a pupil. You must be given a copy of the record if you ask for it in writing.

Other languages

We will translate the record into another language if needed. We will not charge a fee unless we consider the request is unreasonable.


If any part of the school record is inaccurate, it must be changed.

Historic school archives

School records form an important part of the city’s archives and are accessible through Edinburgh City Archives. Access is usually restricted for 100 years but this is waived if it is your own historic school record you are seeking.

Please contact the city archives for further information.

More information

For pupils: Data Protection Act 2018

For parents: The Pupils' Education Records (Scotland) Regulation 2003

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