Speaking at a Committee Meeting

Make a deputation

A deputation is when a representative of a group or organisation speaks at a committee meeting on a subject of their choice. The request must be made in writing or by email. The request should explain the subject and be signed by the representative of a group or organisation wishing to be heard.

The deputation request should be sent no later than one working day before the meeting and it must be on an issue included in the committee's powers or duties.

The representative will be contacted by a member of Committee Services advising what committee their request will be submitted to and the date, time and venue of that meeting.

At the meeting

At the start of the meeting the committee will be asked whether it wishes to hear the deputation and if agreed the deputation will be asked to speak. Deputations are heard in the order they are received. Those speaking about the same subject will be heard together.

Deputations can be made up of one or more speakers although sometimes, due to space, an upper limit is set. Each deputation has up to 10 minutes to present their case, although this may be reduced if there is more than one deputation on the same subject.

Councillors will then ask questions to the speaker of the deputation.

Once the deputation has spoken and questions have been asked, the deputation will be asked to move to the public seats to listen to the Councillors' debate on the subject.

Many Committees are now webcast and any information presented to such a Committee, in a deputation or otherwise, in addition to forming part of a webcast will be also be held as a historical record for upto 5 years.

After the meeting, a member of Committee Services will write to the representative to advise of the committee decision.

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