GM food testing

Testing for genetically modified food

We are able to carry out laboratory tests for genetically modified (GM) soya or maize.

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The regulations

Regulation (EC) No 1830/2003 requires that you must indicate the presence of GM soya or maize on the labelling of all foods.

To confirm whether their products contain GM soya or maize, food manufacturing and packaging companies must state whether the food they supply contains GM soya or maize. Others within the food industry, such as caterers, are expected to demonstrate that reasonable enquiries have been made of their suppliers.

Food testing - analysis and advice

We are set up to test foods, their ingredients and raw materials for the presence of GM soya or maize. Our service is available to both local authorities and commercial organisations.

The test process involves extracting DNA from the food sample, amplifying this using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique and identifying the presence of DNA originating from the genetically modified organism.

We also provide advice on labelling legislation for foods containing GM organisms.

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