Council Budget 2016-2020

Spending and saving in 2016-2020 and transforming our service

Like other cities, Edinburgh is changing

  • our population is changing and growing
  • demand for our services is increasing every year
  • Council income has not kept up with rising demand.

By 2019/20 providing services is expected to cost £986m but our income is only expected to be £924m.  We need to change how we deliver services and save at least £62m by then.

We've already made significant changes, helping to save more than £70m in 2016/17 alone. So we've been asking people for their priorities and how we can deliver some services more effectively whilst staying customer focused.  

Edinburgh priorities and proposals

Using your feedback from our 2015/16 budget engagement we developed our priorities

Your feedback from 2016/17 was used when setting the 2017/18 budget, creating the locality improvement plans and developing the 2050 Edinburgh vision.

Read the Draft Capital Coalition Budget Motion which was agreed on Thursday 9 February 2017 at the Council meeting.

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